Andrew Vanasse is an editorial/commercial photographer specializing in creative portraiture.


︎: (360) 930-2228
Home Base: Portland, OR / L.A. (and sometimes NYC)

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The North Face • The Bleacher Report • Adidas • Reebok • GRAY Magazine • Amazon • Seattle Magazine • Rhapsody Magazine • Microsoft • Paypal • Ghost Atomic Pictures • DBHE Productions • Playnetworks

A little bit about me in the first person...

After spending 20 years in the desert, 10 months on the East Coast, and a year and a half on the beach, I’ve finally found myself calling the PNW home since 2012. Since then I’ve tried to grow a beard, but it hasn’t worked out too well. (My perv-stache is on point though.)

I’m all about the subtleties and how unpredictable life can be. I look for it in my work and I use them as the key elements in my photos. No matter how controlled or specific the concept, it’s always the unpredictable and subtle actions from the subject(s) that make the image.

If I’m not behind a camera or developing a new concept for a project you can usually find me roaming around the city looking for a new coffee shop, eating, talking to a stranger, trying a new beer with friends (or strangers), day dreaming about taking a road trip with my wife, camping, surfing, mainly just enjoying life and trying to create the world's longest run on sentence.

Father to Lailah Rose Vanasse, Born June 17th 2015

All Images © Andrew Vanasse 2020