Andrew Vanasse is an editorial/commercial photographer specializing in creative portraiture.


︎: (360) 930-2228
Home Base: Portland, OR / L.A. (and sometimes NYC)

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Nike • Inc. Magazine • The North Face • The Bleacher Report • Adidas • Reebok • GRAY Magazine • Amazon • Seattle Magazine • Rhapsody Magazine • Microsoft • Paypal • Ghost Atomic Pictures • DBHE Productions • Playnetworks

Andrew Vanasse has a passion for human connection. It is humans, after all, that make the image. With a face more than just his mother could love, subjects find themselves relaxed and able to be vulnerable and honest, which leads to vulnerable and honest portraits. His quirky sense of humor and refusal to settle for the safe, boring option shows clearly in his images, ensuring they are never passed over as “just another photo.” Andrew’s skilled use of color, composition and light allows him to capture the subtleties and unpredictabilities of emotion in all subjects, whether they are a celebrity, athlete,  CEO or someone he passed on the sidewalk.

Andrew is thankful to have worked with clients such as Bleacher Report, Adidas, Reebok, Inc. Magazine, The North Face and hopes to collaborate with more clients focused on sustainability and ethical business practices. He is also working on an ongoing personal project, #BTG which he hopes will bridge the gap between femininity and masculinity both in art and society.

Fun Facts

Favorite quote: “We’re all just taller children” - Elizabeth and the Catapult

Siblings? 5 brothers and 1 sister. I’m the 3rd oldest and have the privalege of once being the baby of the family and the middle child. So I have youngest/middle child syndrome. I require attention ;)

Birth Place: Phoenix, AZ

Kids? Lailah Rose Vanasse. Literally the coolest person on the planet. 

Next Tattoo: The words, “Be Awesome (just like Usual)

First Kiss With My Wife: I fell onto her after drinking too much tequila on Cindo de Mayo and missing the perfect opurtinity the day before. She’s still with me almost 10 years later, so I take that as a win.

All Images © Andrew Vanasse 2020